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Personal Health
& Fitness Training 

Customized Private Coaching
for Women, Couples and Groups

•  Have More Energy 

•  Increase Your Confidence  

•  Create Lasting Change

Break Free of the Cycle of Dis-Ease

It doesn't make sense that we don't take great care of our own selves, and that we can so easily slide down the path of lethargy, over eating, and poor health. 


Stop feeling frustrated and disgusted with yourself for not knowing how to change. You can learn how to feel great and how to build lasting change from within.

Feeling like crap is no fun. Being ashamed of your body sucks.  Other people have confidence, why can't you?


Experience a new and lasting vitality
with your personalized health transformation plan.

Have More Energy

Say goodbye to that tired old self and indulge yourself in lasting energy.

Increase Your Confidence

Catching a glimpse of your new self in the mirror? That extra pep will attract others too!

Create Lasting Change

Overwrite old habits and establish new patterns that are easy, make sense and last.

Meet Your
Personal Trainer


You are a unique individual, and deserve a plan that will make a long-lasting, life-changing difference in YOUR life! 


To help you find a joyful path to wellness, that works for YOU, Courtney is certified in:

Weight Loss

Nutritional Counseling

Functional Training

Massage Therapy

Sleep Health

Martial Arts

Breakthrough Life Coaching

Adventure Therapy


and more!

Don't wait. Sign up to get your plan today.  Your life will thank you!


Sports Massage

Loosen your abused muscles by alternating your workouts with a sports massage.  Functional training will ideally include massage.


The intuitive massage techniques will provide an extra edge to your training or recovery.


Personal Training

Whether in person or over zoom, private or in a group class, your workout will be designed for you, and fun too!


Get in shape or recover from injury. A variety of activities include weights, mixed martial arts, yoga, and more!


Nutrition Coach

For full, whole body health, healing and energy, nutritional counseling will help you to be as vibrant and energized as possible, both during your workouts and after.

Food matters! Learn how to eat well, make great choices and be satisfied.

Three Easy Steps to Success

Step 1: Schedule a health consultation.

Step 2: Together we create a personalized transformation plan you can actually integrate into your life.

Step 3: Feel Confident and Vibrant!


About Mindful Movements

Break the cycle of dis-ease

and step into a life of

health and vibrancy!


It’s difficult to break out of the vicious cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle, injury and weight gain. With a personalized transformation plan, you’ll break free of the cycle and enjoy vitality!

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Not Ready to Make a Plan?
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